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What is true love and true relationship?

Love is complicated. Love is fake. Love has no meaning. We have all heard these sentences at some points in our lives. If you ask me about what is love or what is true love ? I would not take a single second and say, it’s the reason you are still alive.

Where are you if there is no love? Who are you without love? Let us go a level deeper in knowing what actually love is.

Overview on “What is true love?”:

To understand this we need to know what love is. If your mind said feelings, do feelings remain same forever? No, they don’t.

Or is it someone with whom we can spend time with, without getting bored? If your mind said this then just sit down, have a break and think of an example in the whole world with whom you can spend time with, without getting bored.

To save your time, let me tell you that there is nobody like this in the whole world. See it in this way, as if you are given your favorite food 3 times a day and 7 times a week.

You will definitely get sick of it for sure, right? There is no such person in this world who can go with this, until and unless one is out of senses.

What is a relationship?

Relationship or relation is a connection between two or more people which they feel from the both ends. It can be a relation between a mother and a son or between a boy or a girl that is marriage or being committed before marriage, etc.

One thinks of a relationship as it is something that one feels when he/she is bonded to someone but it is way beyond. If we look at it then is a connection, be it with anybody or everybody or anything.

We are all interconnected. People are connected with the nature, nature is connected with the animals, we all are connected with water, water is used as a survival need for both the nature and us.

One just needs to feel that connection which is already there. In this particular article we will be discussing about the relationship between couples.

How to know if the other person is our soulmate?

First of all soulmate and many such things are just beliefs or concept. There is no such thing in this world. But there is a connection and love.

Think if there was no love, why would we have friends? Or why would we be attracted to our opposite gender?

So, first of all one needs to believe in love to actually feel it. It is the last biggest thing that one could ever experience in this whole world.

If one really loves somebody, one will start feeling it. Now, what one may also and most probably feel is an attraction or just an infatuation.

Until and unless one has not invested time in a relationship, he/she may never find out whether it is love or just an infatuation. Infatuation may happen to anybody, anytime.

One needs to understand that we are hormonal creatures and when we get attracted towards opposite gender. It is natural and there is nothing to feel bad about.

It is all normal and don’t blame yourself if this happens. Actually, if one does not feel anything, then it is a problem and one should right away visit a doctor then.

To sum up, one needs to invest time in a relationship to know the other person whether or not she/he is perfect for you. And you find somebody that really loves you, cares for you, then life will get more beautiful than one has ever thought it would be.

Unsaid rules of a relationship:

The relationship is a transaction of give and take. For example, say there is a person who expects a lot from his partner when he needs to put the efforts, he backs up. This kind of a relationship will never work.

Relationships are of various kinds. A relationship with friends is a relationship where there is an emotional attachment if we talk of school or college friends.

This happens because we grow up together and know actually who we are. We understand each other emotionally. There are those friends too with whom we just pass our time with.

So, if we start complaining about why these friends with whom we just pass our time with are not understanding our emotions, then we are mistaking somewhere. One needs to know that where to expect and how much to expect.

How do we know if we are in love?

Love is something which can actually bring you in the present moment, you become still, absolutely still.

Love is the only state which you get lost in. It is not love until you are alive, it is when you become absolutely lost. You here means the thoughts which are always there in your head from the morning till the night.

The random thoughts which never leave you. When you are in love, you are not lost in your thoughts anymore.

Say you saw something, related to which you have a very strong desire in your mind. So when we see something matching with it, we get lost in it for a while.

For example, say there is an actress whom you really admire then suddenly she comes in front you on road somewhere. Wouldn’t you get lost for a while.

This is also love but temporary. You are depending on a person externally. Rather this is infatuation and something that fascinates you on a temporary basis.

How to know love?

Love starts with yourself. Discovering yourself is the beginning of love. It means that you have seen the real truth about yourself. One cannot experience love with discovering himself/herself.

There are many concepts about love like the concept of soul mate. There is nothing like this which exists. This is because in this concept there are two souls where as love based upon reality is seeing the truth that your soul is my soul. There is no your or mine in terms of soul.

It is something that is connected and that too in a way that there exists absolutely no way to get separated. Just like waves cannot get separated from water.

People think of love as the level of understanding like until the information in two people are matching, there is love when they do not match there is confrontation.

When you look at your soul, that is yourself and actually sees yourself after removing all the layers then you see absolutely no division between you and the person you are in love with.

Now you are love itself. You are not you you are her too or him too. There is no confusion at all. This is love.

Now if you look at you wife, you don’t look at her as your soulmate rather as yourself. We all love ourselves so when you are in love you don’t see him/her rather yourself. Then you are always in a state of love.

This is exactly in case of a mother. A mother does not see her child as her son or daughter but herself.

Summing up:

There are people who expect a lot in a relationship. Then there are some who say one should have no expectations at all. Both are incorrect. The real answer to this is expectations must be backed by reality.

This is the only solution. For example, if one expects from a fish that it would climb a tree, then it would never happen. One should expect that it should swim properly.

“Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotions and feelings change, sometimes daily. But true unconditional love is everlasting.”

By Sandeep Maheshwari

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