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Weight loss: 5 tips and complete guide

When it comes to weight loss, many of us seem to get scared thinking it is extremely difficult to learn about how to loose weight in a month and actually loose it.

It might not be difficult but it could be time consuming depending upon how much you would want to loose and what is the condition of your health right now.

Supposing if you are really fired up of loosing weight and you want to loose 50 KGs and want to learn about how to loose belly fat in one month then you might not be in the right direction.

Know that one does not gain weight overnight, it takes a lot of time to gain weight as well. Therefore it will take some time to see significant results too.

Patience is the most important aspect in order to loose weight. But why am I saying all this? Why am I not coming to the tips about loosing weight right away?

The answer is simple. If you are serious then go ahead otherwise you will feel even more guilty. But still don’t be in a hustle of thinking that whether or not will I be able to actually loose it.

The first thing without a doubt would be to start. So, be focused, begin and let’s get started to change, to look even more confident, to feel better, to live.

5 tips on weight loss:

The tips mentioned below could be modified as per the need if any and should be followed everyday to actually see the results.

Cut sugar from your diet:

Did you know that just a teaspoon of sugar has more calories than about 10 KGs of cucumber that too unhealthy calories!

Therefore it is the very first thing to cut if one is really looking forward to cut down the fat and see noticeable results in a month.

Sugar does not mean just the actual sugar but all the things which contain sugar in it. All of your favorite beverages which gives you those few moments of chills and happiness. Things like sweet crunchy snacks, sweet tea, sweet coffee, etc.

But if one suddenly removes these things at once, his/her body may react in weird manner. One may start feeling low, unhealthy and tired. Therefore the best way is to replace things rather than cutting them.

One can stop taking sweet tea and replace it with herbal tea. It sounds difficult but if we speak about how our body works, our body has a biological clock. It expects a meal at the one starts giving it and gets into the habit.

Start exercising :

This one is well known to everybody. But ask yourself, do I really do exercise? Most of the answers would be in negative. Exercising is not just going on a five minute walk or just stretching.

Yes, it could be the starting but it should keep on improving. If one works out or begins to workout, the time and efforts must increase.

Say if one works out for 10 minutes, one should then increase this time from 10 to 20 next week, from 20 to 30 the next week and so on.

Pushing your body to the limits is the key to loose weight fast but that should be logical. Do not take unrealistic decisions of going from 10 minutes to one hour the next week. It would just make things even harder.

Stop eating late at night:

Most of us’ lifestyle has become so tiring and hectic that we eat late at night after getting free from our work. Scientifically, our body’s digestion decreases with night getting approached. When the sun is at peak, our digestion is at peak and vice versa.

Therefore one should avoid eating as well as sleeping late at night. The ideal time one should avoid eating after is 6pm in the evening and 7pm at maximum.

\When we sleep, our whole body gets detoxed overnight and relaxes all of its muscles and parts. So, if we eat late at night, our whole is at rest except our digestive system which makes it difficult to rest and store the calories in fats.

To actually see who is following this rule set by the nature, have you ever seen a bird eating late at night? Do you notice birds in the sky at night often? No, right?

This is because they sleep early, wake up early and follow all the rules of the nature. We have made our routine so imbalanced that we don’t even pay attention to our health and the effects of it to our social, emotional or all kinds of factors in our lives.

Cut down the usage of electronics:

This one is well understood for eye health but why is it necessary to loose weight? One needs to work on several different aspects in order to see the actual benefits. Working solely on health and not on our brain will tend to give results not as fruitful as working on both will.

Using electronic devices especially mobile phones which is being used at most in the whole world, gives a false signal to our brain about the time of the day.

If we use our mobile phone, scientifically one should not use it for more than 20 minutes in a go and maximum for 30 minutes in a go.

Taking a break for just 2 to 3 minutes in between and stretching out during the break is all that is needed and required to give a boost in order to improve one’s health.

When we look at our mobile phones, we do not use it by holding it in front of our face as to not let the pressure to be put on our neck. But rather we bend our head down and keep on using it for hours.

According to a scientific study, most of the young people are now suffering from ADHD( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Follow along:

When one is ready to go and is following above mentioned tips, one has already won half of the battle. Make a time table in which the most important factor that must be added:

  1. Drink water: Drinking water cleanses one’s body and keeps the body hydrated. It also helps clean kidneys and purify the blood and also keeps one safe from breakouts.
  2. Go for a morning/evening walk.
  3. Explore nature.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Go for aerobic exercise often, preferably jogging.
  6. Move as per the schedule: eat herbs and cut sown the various calories filled unhealthy diet from the lifestyle slowly. Start by reducing 200 calories in the first week along with increasing 10 minutes of the workout. Then the next wee, jump to removing 400 calories and increasing another 10 minutes in the workout.
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