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Practical and proven ways to relieve stress: Tips and steps

We are all busy in our lives. Some of us are busy in study, some in jobs, some in business, etc. This same routine is repeated day after day which stresses up our mind.

Many of us think to go on a vacation to forget all the stress and conflict that is built in our mind. But is it the solution?

It is similar to a situation as if there is a house that is on fire and we take our eyes of it or close our eyes and think that the fire will be vanished.

So, one needs to focus on the situation, overcome it and move forward rather than taking our thinking of it.

Know that whatever the conditions one might be in today will heal. There is nothing constant and things change for good. Believing this already heals a person half way through.

It is the very first step along with accepting. People stay confused whether or not they are suffering from stress. Accepting, finding the solutions and believing

To understand about staying stress free, it is extremely important to know about what brain is. So, let us first know deeply about brain.

What is brain and how does it create stress?

Now this one is easy right? One might say it is an organ, then the question arises , what is an organ? And the questioning goes on and on.

The right answers are: mind is a complex giving of nature only if one makes it complex and sorted, if one makes it so. If one’s mind is not sorted, one will be stressed, as simple as that.

People are mostly stressed because of their own mindset. They make different believes in their brain and when they do not achieve it, they feel sad and low. The only way out is seeing the absolute reality and everything that is real.

For example, say if we are told that there is ghost in room and one should not to enter it. We will grow up with that thought. The only way out of this fear is to enter it and actually see what is inside and just like that we are free from this fear.

Similarly, seeing the absolute reality rather than creating different believes in your mindset it the absolute freedom from stress. There are many ways which could help you in the journey of getting back to life if you are stressed.

What to do to be stress free?


There are a few things one needs to work upon in order to get out of stressed mindset

Working on the physical part of mind:

This one is as simple as that. Working on the diet one takes and working on the mindset is the key.

  1. Morning routine: This could be improved by taking a handful of nuts in the morning and a litre of water just after getting up of the bed. Having oatmeal and a glass of milk( if you are not lactose intolerant) is highly recommended. Along with diet, morning walk or basic exercises such as jogging and stretching should also be followed along.
  2. Afternoon routine: If you have a busy schedule, try taking a nap in the afternoon( for not more than 30 minutes). This would relax your mind and increase the concentration levels. Eating anything as per liking which has enough calories, carbohydrates and protein is recommended. Consuming enough water is very important in the afternoon in order to stay hydrated. Have cucumber and various different salad options out in the market.
  3. Evening routine: Try to eat before sunset and avoid heavy meals at night. Before 7pm in the night is what science suggests to have optimum level of health. But it is not always possible in todays lifestyle. Therefore, have ginger with salt spread on it after dinner in order to fasten up the digestion at night which by default is slow at night. Also, have a little walk of 10 to 15 minutes after dinner.

Working on the mental part of mind that is the thoughts:

Diet also plays an important role in it. Focus on your thoughts and improve the company you keep. Workout and stay fresh. Make a plan and a time table of sleeping and waking.

It is extremely important to make a sleep cycle and make sure you follow it everyday. Going on a morning walk or gym should also be included.

  1. Listen to soothing songs.
  2. Entertain yourself( going out with friends and avoid gadgets or binge watching which is on it’s peak these days).
  3. Sit quietly in a silent environment and practice observing things around. This calms our mind and increases our focus. It also brings us back to the basics that is knowing what the absolute reality is. Success, fame , money might be important in materialistic world has no use in the inner world. Realisation of such thoughts is known as coming back to the basics.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. listen to motivational speakers to charge up and increase the inner strength.

Working on the intellect:


This could be improved by reading books that inspires you. Watch motivational videos because the temporary adrenaline is as important. listening to to your favorite songs or music can also be very helpful.

One needs to focus and improve different aspects of mind and health to be stress free. Please don’t be confused with healthy stress though.

For example, we get hungry and a stress starts building in us and that is related to the satisfaction of the stomach. This kind of stress is necessary in day to day life.

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