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How to stop the mind’s chatter?

What is mind’s chatter?

mind's chatter

Are you not focused on what you do often? Do you always feel bombarded by random thoughts?

Are you always thinking about random things mostly of past or future? Then this article is for you.

I guarantee that after reading this article you will definitely learn to overcome this situation for the betterment.

Although it is not a one day deal and will take some time. It might be some days, some weeks, months or even a year to actually get rid of it.

But do we actually need to get rid of it? This is a strong statement and I think it should not be the objective.

Why so? We will discuss all of that as we move further in the article. So, let us now move ahead in exploring more about the mind’s chatter.

ADHD vs normal random thoughts?

As per a survey, about 3 out of 10 children suffer from ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In this, as the term suggests, people are not focused on what they do. They are always in Hyperactivity mode.

This results in low productivity, bad communication skills buildup, anger issues, etc. But this was about the disorder.

But what about a normal person who is not able to focus on what he/she does and is always( or mostly) in random thoughts.

Firstly, one needs to see whether he/she is suffering from ADHD. If so, try to follow the tips which are scientifically backed by researches.

Else, if not, then one first needs to understand whether it is good or bad.

Many would just term it as a bad one immediately and there is nothing wrong in it. Most of the people suffer from this.

Let us now know it in detail whether it is actually that bad altogether.

Is mind’s chatter good or bad?

mind's chatter

It simply depends on the frequency. It means, how much is one lost in random thoughts and is not focused on the present work.

If it more than the normal, one needs to change his/her diet plan, needs to take proper sleep, meditate, reduce down the stress levels, etc.

Basically, one needs to work on complete physical and mental aspect of his life to feel better.

But is thinking much sometimes that bad? It is not bad at all. What do you think Einstein used to do in his room alone.

He used to think and think a lot. Was that bad? No, it wasn’t. He was focused on his thoughts and that is why the world now is as it is.

Similarly, it is just another aspect of human psychology and not bad to have mind’s chatter sometimes.

Actually, it is a sign that you actually care about your life and want to improve. These are considered psychological efforts.

Now, when one has understood the difference, let us now know about the helpful tips to reduce down the mind’s chatter.

Tips to improve:

mind's chatter
mind’s chatter

Following are the tips to reduce down the mind’s chatter:

  1. Do what you like: Sometimes, we make a lot of plans to do which we don’t even like. For example, say one has not been studying enough and suddenly makes the plan to study 8 hours a day straight. This will leads to even more dissatisfaction and regret. Thus make realistic plans.
  2. Make your priority list: Often the mind’s chatter is because we don’t have a proper scheduled for the day. Thus making a proper schedule and then setting the priority of things to be done is the ideal way to achieve something or have the work done.
  3. Stay hydrated: A healthy body has a healthy mind and water is the most important aspect for the same!
  4. Have fun with friends/family or your loved ones: Having a good time with someone increases the dopamine levels which is a feel good hormone. Thus, leading to a better mood and thus a better day.
  5. Listen to affirmations: A study shows that listening to affirmations before sleeping and just after waking up leads to better psychological stability.


The mind’s chatter is a normal psychological aspect of life. It is both good or bad depending on the frequency.

One needs to bring some changes in his/ her diet, sleeping pattern, etc. to see the results of improvement.

Staying happy and talking or spending time with the loved ones results in the betterment.

Arman Ansari
I am dedicated to providing you the very best of Bogs/articles on Motivation, Insights, Mental Health, physical health.


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