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How to stop Overthinking?

Overview on “How to stop Overthinking?”:

 We all want to know about how to stop overthinking. But before that let us first understand that what actually is overthinking.

Overthinking is simply thinking too much. We generally think about what happened, that is, past and what will happen that is future. There are problems associated with overthinking .

These can lead to mental stress, physical exhaustion and can make your present even worse.

So, the questions raised here is , “How can we get rid of overthinking?” But before we get into it, let us first understand deeply about random thoughts in mind.

What are thoughts?

Thoughts or even random thoughts are the voices which one hears in one’s head from the morning till the night everyday. These are because of what one is able to move, run or do anything and everything, everyday.

Everything is based upon a pre-set information stored in our mind as per what one performs his/her daily tasks. One needs to have command on his thoughts by seeing them whenever they come from a 3rd person perspective.

Not all thoughts are random, neither all are useful. This article is not based upon how to get rid of random thoughts for all of one’s life. There will be time when one will feel low, sad and uncomfortable in life.

Life is always a see-saw ride, so one should never get too serious. This does not mean to not to get serious at all but to live a balanced life.

Ways to turn random thoughts into useful thoughts:

Remember the goal is to gradually turn random thoughts into useful thoughts rather than doing it in a shot. It will take time. You didn’t start getting random thoughts suddenly when you wake up a random morning.

It all happened gradually and will take time to turn into productive too.

One of many and most effective way is to listen to motivational stories. Motivational story helps us get motivated and gives us the power to keep moving forward.

Many think that these only help us to get kicks and temporary excitement. But the truth is, if the one listening finds something really meaningful in it or if something gets clicked in his mind, his whole life could get changed for good.

These also help us relax our mind by giving us a feel that the reality is far different from the chit-chat that goes in our mind from the morning till the night.

These thoughts make us uncomfortable and impatient. The only way out is to not get out of them. Sounds weird? It was meant to be so.

Actually it means that one should relax, listen to them, write them down and conquer them one by one.

Don’t think of conquering all of your fears and the habit of random thoughts at a single shot. This would only make them worse.

We often feel sad because things aren’t happening as per our wants. Life does not care about what goes good in our lives or what not. We are the one who make it so. There is a beautiful quote too which says:

“If you are born poor, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, it is.”


So these stories teach us that things do not happen as per our wants but as per your actions(not always because not everything is in our hands). Things happen as they happen, only we improve.

Other ways could be as simple as listening to music, going out for a morning/evening walk. Going to gym or including basic home workout would work like a miracle for one.

All these things if go together or are followed together give the best result. It is similar to diving a car with only 3 tires. So, either all of them have to be present or it won’t work.

Ways to stop overthinking:

Go out for a walk :

Nature is so beautiful that it increases pleasant feelings. It always attracts you. You see birds chirping, flowers, you feel slow winds blowing . These all nature’s gift relaxes you and flashes an idea to start new. 

Find satisfaction in other’s happiness :

The problem pop up when your thinking revolves around you that is, try to be happy in other’s happiness. It will distract you from thinking of your own. 

 Find immediate answers to the questions :

Detach yourself from you for a few minutes and try to get answer you will find that you are able to answer quickly.  

Do the things you like :

You stop overthinking when you do things you like. Just start to follow your passion and that can be dance, music, drawing, writing ,playing, etc. It will divert your mind to the things which you might think when you are free.

Be busy :

As it is a saying “Empty mind is a home to monster.” When you be busy in doing some actions you generally get tired and your mind and body demands rest and this situation does not allow you to think or overthink.

 Finding the reason :

Sit for a while and talk to yourself . Try to keep things aside which are not related to your problem. You will find that there is nothing which can disturb you. 

Physical exercise :

Exercise is any movement that makes your muscles work. The contraction of muscles ultimately makes you tired and your body demands rest. Research conducted shows that exercise can increase the production of endorphins which are known to produce positive feelings.  

Meditation :

Meditation increases focus. It creates awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. It eventually helps you to observe things and judge thoughts coming to your mind. 

Get Entertained:

These are myths associated with computer games such as people become violent, loose focus or don’t pay attention on any other thing. The fact is that gaming requires intense focus. It improves decision making skills.  

Practice self talk :

Talking to yourself helps to reach a decision and even makes one smarter. It helps to clarify thoughts. Along with it , it motivates yourself.

As it is known to everyone that everything has two sides. In the same way thinking has also two sides, thinking rightly, in limited manner and other is overthinking.

The point where one needs to have control on, is thinking in limit.  “ Find a way rather than confusing yourself.” 

Stay focused, try to stay busy but do not neglect the thoughts rather sit with and conquer them one by one. For example, if one has fear of public speaking, just go out there in the crowd and think of the worst case scenario.

Think that you will faint! What more than this could happen, right? Or think that everyone will laugh at me, so what? At least I am able to make so many people laugh, isn’t it?

So be relaxed, focus on your thoughts and things will start improving.

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