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How to choose a career wisely?

Choosing Career wisely:


One of the biggest questions in youngsters is career decision. This is not a new question. It has been there since a long time and will going to be there until one questions it.

But many people question and still they don’t find the answers. Mostly what happens, we are bombarded by others’ thoughts about career decisions.

We actually don’t select a stream we ourselves are interested in. This on the contrary results in regret. And thus it further leads to wastage of time.

Wastage is not only doing nothing and passing time. Rather, doing something you have least interest in that too for years. Choosing a wrong career results in just that.

The correct career decision is taken after a deep questioning. Even then there is a possibility that one may not find the answers just yet.

But that is normal. Sometimes, people don’t even think much. They know what to do in life and they just go with it and do good in life.

If you are in your early 20s, then there is literally no question bigger for you than choosing a career wisely.

In this article, we will be going in depth and would be figuring out the sure shot way of choosing a career wisely. There are a few things to keep in mind before making a career choice.

Before you make a choice:


There are a few things which one should keep in mind before making a decision which is a practical way to make a career choice.

Is it connected to health?

People just see where they can make money and choose that career. There is nothing wrong in that one should keep this in mind too.

But is this the only thing to keep in mind? This surely isn’t. One should always first see and analyze others. By others I mean, others who are already doing what you are thinking to do.

For example, you want to become a software engineer but you don’t want to work in an office from 9 to 5. Then this just might not be your cup tea.

You see and analyze others and notice that it is very boring to code every single day, the same place, the same table, the same coding, etc.

No offense, this might be a dream job for many and many are just okay with it. They get paid a good amount and they like coding but is it okay for you?

Are you okay with letting your health sacrifice for money? After asking all these questions you will come to a conclusion and thus write that down.

Make a pros and cons list. This might sound childish but research shows that this just instantly declutters your mind and helps you make quick decision.

Do you enjoy doing it?


Just as I mentioned above, some jobs might dream jobs for many and a NO for others. It depends upon your liking. Do you find it enjoyable?

Even if you find two jobs one of which is high paying compared to other and the other one which you enjoying doing. You should go with the less paying one.

Money becomes just another thing once you start earning it. Rest depends upon your likes and dislikes. On the other hand, it is your decision to decide what to choose in life.

Get some experience first:

In case you have an option to go on an internship, just grab it. Try doing the work for a couple of weeks. Taking a taste yourself will definitely work.

See the ones who are already doing what you dream of doing and analyze them. Ask them your doubts if possible. LINKEDIN could be a place to do so.

See, whether they are happy doing what they are doing. And ask yourself where do you see yourself after 5 years down the line.

Are you okay to see yourself where others are today in what they are doing? If the answer is yes then write it down, compare all the points and make a wise choice!

You can do it. The confusion is normal!

Side Hustle:

See it in yourself that what is the one thing you can do even if your are not paid for it. Even if no one recognizes you and you just do it because you like doing it.

Say you get an answer as gaming. You love playing video games. You can make career in that too. If not possible then do it as a side hustle.

Many people do not decide their career streams and that is well known. They just go with the flow. In case you are still confused then just try something with college or school.

For example, stream video games on Youtube for 1 to 2 hours daily. You will refresh your mind and who knows may also achieve something in it.

Even if don’t achieve something big, it would not matter because you already liked doing it. You were already doing it and you are now just streaming it.

So it becomes a win-win situation.

Arman Ansari
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