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How to boost brain power and improve focus?

We all wake up, freshen up go to work or college or school, come back do other work and sleep. The cycle goes on and on. We never stop and ask ourselves about our own life.

About what to do next or how to calm our mind. We are always thinking about random thoughts from the morning till the night.

We all have a goal to achieve in our life but on the path to achieve that, we face a lot of distractions, find it difficult as to how to improve focus, loose focus.

Those distractions can be a lot of ideas coming to your mind, a relationship that hasn’t worked, family pressure to earn as soon as possible, etc. First of all know that its okay to get disturbed.

Try to train your mind to always look at a bigger picture because these small things cant stop you from achieving your goals. Think about what’s really important to you in life.

Make that your priority. Keep going in that direction. Be a consistent person, develop a quality of not leaving things in between, set up goals and just fall in love with the process of achieving them.

Focus on the behavior ,maintain self discipline because it is the secret to success.

Brian P. Moran writes in his book, “the 12 week year”, focusing on the task that will lead you to the goal. He calls them “lead indicators” which is called the lag indicator.

And over 12 weeks of trying to achieve the goal ,you score yourself on how well you stuck to doing the tasks that lead you to the good.  Goals should just set to provide a direction you want to go.

Plan of action is what you need to device next and focus on working towards it in order to achieve your goals. Actions have magic in them.  

There are a lot of scientific activities to increase focus like mediation, making list of the things, exercise, take break. 

In this article, we will learn to increase our brain power and improve focus. We will learn about how to learn anything quickly.

Physical and emotional brain:

When we talk about brain, without getting confused, we must come to an answer that there exist two types of brain. The first being the physical brain for which diet plays a crucial role in.

When we eat healthy not only our body but brain as well get nutrients and improves itself. If your physical brain will be weak, then your thoughts will not have that power and depth either. So, the first step is to make the physical brain powerful.

Also don’t be confused whether you are talking about the brain only r the whole body. Your brain is directly connected with your stomach.

As also mentioned in Ayurveda,” Every problem related to health is directly connected with your gut.” Which means that all your health related issues has something to do with your stomach.

The second one being the emotional part or the thinking power. Now this gets stronger by repetition. Whatever you talk to yourself when you are alone.

Or whatever you repeat in your head from morning till the night most frequently, they start getting stronger.

Ways to boost brain power:

  1. Exercise: We all know that exercising or working out reduces stress and mental pressure. It also releases muscular tension and increases tensile strength of the body. It helps to increase concentration and to get a sound sleep. Sometimes taking a break helps a lot, it recollects the energy and develops the interest in the activities. 
  2. Time with self: Make a time table and decide at time of the day you will talk to yourself. Evening conversation with self is the best time if you are confused.
  3. Evening walk: Just going on an evening walk can do wonders for your brain to strengthen. It freshens up the mind, improves the blood circulation and improves the mood.
  4. morning affirmations: Other than the ways mentioned above, there is a very strong way which is also backed by science and that is to listen to morning affirmations everyday. So, let’s get into the depth of it.

Affirmations are the positive thoughts which give us immense relaxation, increases confidence, and happiness. It does give us power to look at things positively.

There is a rule that is commonly known as the 21 days rule. According to this( which is also backed by science), if one starts to do something and keeps on doing it for 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit.

Tips to increase focus:

The foremost thing in developing focus in interest. Things go good unless you loose interest in doing them. Do not become tired in the mid of achieving goals.

We are never tired or distracted while we are doings things that make us happy, be passionate. Do things effortlessly. Do not let negative come up to you and say its impossible .

Try to look at good of impossible as it says I am possible. Observation is the key factor of focus. Observe nature, nature gives answer to every question. The river travels or covers a long path just to meet sea , a lioness stalking zebra to feed her family.  

You’ll never climb a mountain looking at the top in the same manner you will not achieve your goal in just a single day, prepare short goals to achieve something big. Work for it, try hard until you get success, just be happy in whatever you are doing . 

Meditation reduces mental stress, increases consciousness ,it does improve the immune system.  Make list of the things to do. It came in a survey that a person generally does things not really needed to be done.

So if you prepare a list, your actions would be limited which would help you to tackle things much easily.

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