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How to achieve anything in life by self improvement?

The Improvement:

We all want to grow in life. Some in their careers, some in the health category, some in the field of relationships, etc. But do we actually give enough to fulfill our goals?

The simple answer to it is, some do and some believe that they are giving. The only practical way to achieve something or everything you want is to improve yourself in that category.

It is as simple as it may sound. But then why don’t we put our best of the efforts to improve ourselves? In most of the cases it is because most of us do not even begin.

Some who begin do not go that far. The goals might be different but the path is mostly same and that can be summed up in two words: Self Improvement.

So, let us now move further and discover various parts of the same.

Self improvement lesson 1: Significance of Health

Self improvement is nothing but a sum up of keeping yourself updated about the things that matter to you, working on your mental abilities( thoughts, meditation, etc.), working on your health, etc.

Both physical and mental health are very important for the growth in any field one wants to excel in. This is where most people stop and don’t understand.

Give it some time and think that what in the world can one not achieve if he/she is mentally relaxed and physically fit? There is absolutely nothing that one can not accomplish if these two things are achieved by one.

The first step is obviously realization of this fact. After one realizes this, then another question arises which is how to accomplish this. Actually the reality is we all know deep down somewhere but don’t act.

We all know what to do to achieve something but as per the default setting of our brain( scientifically proven), we all act. That default setting is to stay in comfort zone.

Anyways, there are a few steps involved which will definitely serve the purpose:

  • Drink water. As simple as it may sound. One’s body needs water and also it is completely free!
  • Change your diet for good. Just removing sugar from your diet can do wonders with your health!
  • In case you do not do any physical activity, just start by going out for a walk. Remember, it is hard to start and not to finish.
  • Join a gym for regular workout sessions. A healthy body has a healthy mind and thus doing so your mental health gets a boost as well!
  • Meditate. Do not just sit in a state with your eyes closed if you don’t want to. This is where most us go wrong. We make things boring at the first place by listening to others. Rather just sit down without anyone with you anything with you like your mobile phone and just witness what is going on around.
  • Take good sleep on time.

After applying all these methods in your life, the health part would get better with time. Also, mental health is also improved now. Other things which one needs to improve are as follows:

  • Communication skills. This is something which is underrated but is one of the most important skill in life to learn. You might be the best in your field, but incase you don’t know about how to communicate, there is not much benefit.
  • Express yourself. The way one expresses oneself, the way one dresses, the way on behaves, the way one talks along with the expressions, everything matters in real life.
  • The above mentioned things are the most important but unfortunately the education system does not give it as much importance as it should.

Self improvement lesson 2: Be the master of what you do


This is well known to everyone but still not much efforts are given or should I say at-least not int he right direction. Many people work really hard but still do not get what they want.

This is because of hard work and not smart work. Now what actually is smart work. We all have heard about it but no one actually explains about it.

The explanation is simple. For example, say one wants to start a business in a particular field in his/her area. One way could be just going with flow, invest and work day in and day out.

Other method could be, first observe the ones who have actually achieved something in that field. Observe them carefully. Every single step they take, make short notes and research.

After that analyze your area and the potential of the business. And after a few more common steps, the probability of it growing has now significantly increased.

Also, you must be very sure about your knowledge of your work. Incase you are not, first learn about your work and also start it along the way. Improve while learning side by side!

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