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A guide towards real meditation

Who am I, What am I doing here on earth, Who are all these people. If you have also been enquiring these things then all of these things will be answered through this article.

Learning to live with self is also a huge part of self realization. Let us first understand about living with self.

This is one of the most important qualities that one must possess in order to get successful. If we achieve this quality then we can live with self as well as with others nicely. Before proceeding further, let me define the what living with self is.

Self means there is no person or an object with you, object more specifically here means your mobile. What mobile phone or social media doing is that it is connecting all of us virtually but in reality we are getting separated within.

We just show off that we are happy, we react laughing emoji on memes but actually we are getting more and more alone.

Realize the reality:

We need to sit down in silence, enquire ourselves about everything that is there already in our minds as information.

Just sit down in silence without anybody by your side, without your mobile phone and without doing anything, just relax and sit down for one hour. What will happen if you try it?

Won’t mind find excuses to get up from there? Won’t you just get up from there and move on?

Most of us would not be able to sit without doing anything for this long. This is how randomly mind thinks but it’s not a problem. Rather it is something that everybody experiences and that is perfectly fine.

It just needs practice and everything will get back to normal.

So, if you do not get bored with yourself without any thing around, if you can stay with yourself without getting bored, that means there is something interesting in you.

Solitude is when we actually want to spend time with ourselves and enjoy the process. We want to know the depth of ‘Who Am I’.

Solitude is a positive term, it is when we are fulfilled, and enjoy our own company and also feel happy with or without something.

Solution to getting fulfilled:

Are we connected to this Universe or we need to connect? We are connected with this Universe, we do not have to connect with it.

When we start feeling this connection not just for the sake of it but in reality, we get absolutely fulfilled. Then even if you sit for an hour silently without having anything by your side, you will feel happy.

You would then just sit down, observe the nature and it’s beauty calmly, feel the connection with the small things happening around you and be relaxed.

What is consciousness?

If we talk about the consciousness then it is not your consciousness or my consciousness it’s just consciousness. Hence, we all are same on the level of body. It’s the thoughts which differ us.

For example, there is a light which is illuminating your body and there is a light which is illuminating my body. So, these bodies are different but the material and light is the same.

Consciousness is not something that comes and goes just like the thoughts it’s always there, untouched. It is the very essence of this Universe. There is no Universe without consciousness and vice versa.

What is Realization?

Realization is knowing something or seeing something as it is. Let’s understand this with an example. Say, there is a table in front of you and I ask you that what do you see? You would right away say, we see a table.

I then turn it upside down and then asks you the same, then you would say 4 handles or a box. Different people will have different opinions about this. But the correct answer would be that there is wood.

Now you put it upside down or break it or do whatever you want, the wood is always there, unchanged. This is realization, this is the supreme reality, this is spirituality.

When you start looking at things or people as what they are and not as what you think or believe they are, a lot of things start clarifying.

Just like table is made up of wood, we are made of energy, all of us. Here wood has a limitation, it is a material thing but energy has no limitation.

Energy can be molded in anything or everything. When you start thinking in this direction, you come to know that you are not a part of this Universe, You Are The Universe.

Self Realization:

Now as we have discussed about what realization is, let us now get enlightened about what self realization is. Self realization just like realization is the discovery of yourself.

It is seeing you exactly as who you actually are, not as who people look at you or not somebody you think you are at a materialistic level.

It is knowing the deepest level of yourself. For example, you look at yourself as a person or a body whereas the truth is that you are not just limited to a body but the whole universe is within you. Not just this, but you are the whole Universe.

If we say a wave in water then what would we think about it? Simply that it’s a wave. Now if I ask you is it a wave or water or wave in water. The answer backed by reality is that its water.

It is not different from water but it is water itself. Similarly when we look at ourselves, we look as a wave which has a limitation whereas we should see ourselves as the water which has no limitation at all. This is the highest level of enlightenment.

Arman Ansari
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