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How to have a proper relaxing sleep?

What is deep sleep?

Deep sleep is when one feels completely relaxed getting up after. One’s body requires deep sleep everyday in order to function properly.

When one’s body tires up after working all the day, to feel relaxed afterwards deep sleep is something what body craves for.

But why do people don’t take care of deep sleep? The answer to this question is pretty simple. It isn’t like they don’t don’t care, it is like they do not pay attention to it.

Everyone is on their mobile phones most of the time in the day. The blue light coming out of it is something which causes problem in having a deep sleep.

The point here which arises and is really something which should be fixed is the thought process of an individual. No one is thinking of the long term side effects of it.

Mostly teens these days are on their mobile phones for hours and mostly at night. This causes a biological imbalance in one’s sleep cycle. One’s mind find it difficult to differentiate between day and night resulting in an improper sleep.

Even studies show that people who are mostly busy in doing something especially in mobile phones and usually till late night are mostly short tempered.

Such people get impatient not only during the day time but during sleep too. They tend to have more dreams than the ones who have a good sleep.

Their subconscious mind used to frame the things which one saw throughout the day through the peripheral vision. Hence, making the resting period that is sleep more of a working period.

This is because their subconscious mind is still working while the whole body resting.

Why is sleep so important?

Deep sleep is very important if one is looking for making his/her day most productive. It relaxes our muscles and mind, detoxes our body and gives a refreshing feel the next morning one wakes up.

An ideal sleep is of 8 hours irrespective of age. But do we really require this much of sleep? The answer is simply no. It depends on person to person.

If your daily schedule is lite and you don’t have much of physically and mentally challenging work, then you might only need a 6 hours of sleep.

But on the contrary, if your daily work is challenging along with your diet and physically requiring needs, then you might even need a 9 hour of sound sleep.

So, one needs to make this call of assigning sleep time to oneself as it depends upon person to person.

5 tips to have a deep sleep:

The following tips should be followed everyday in order to have a deep sleep

Drink plenty of water:

As per the studies, an average person needs at least 2 litres of water in a day in winters and 3 in summers. Also, if one works out and sweats which is dehydrates the body, one should have around 4 to 5 bottles of water in a day.

It just not hydrates the body but helps in detoxing the body as well. Detoxing is very important if one wants a healthy lifestyle.

Do physical exercises:

It very important to push your to the limits in order to have the optimum level of health. Doing this will automatically give rise to the release of sleeping hormones in the body. This will result into a deep and sound sleep.

Go out for a trip:

This can be very helpful. This brings us to the absolute reality that is away from our mobile phones and the virtual world. Socializing relaxes the brain and creates a calming environment around us.

Listen to soothing songs:

Listening to calming and soothing helps as the frequency coming out of them is what is recommended for relaxing our brain cells.

These help one to focus and concentrate and as a result the brain comes under control and focuses on what is the reality and what is not. Hence, one gets sound sleep.

Family time:

Remember the last time you were with your family completely? It is easy right? Many of you might have thought that you were with your family just a moments ago or yesterday or last week.

Let me rephrase the question. How many of were with your family and were really with them at the present moment without any gadget like your mobile phone or a TV?

Many of us do not sit with our father or mother or any other family member and talk to them. Talk in a way when we just talk to them and are exactly in the present moment.

Therefore, talking to them or having a quality time with them is also very helpful in having a deep sleep.

Follow along

  1. Go on a vacation with family or friends.
  2. Find an alternative to mobile phone such as reading books.
  3. Join a Non Government Organization(NGO).
  4. Observe the nature.
  5. Eat healthy.

The above mentioned tips are very helpful for having a deep and sound sleep and will take some time to implement properly. So, be patient and keep trying!

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